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UPDATE: A market research template was created as a basis to conduct market research in your specific locale.

Do a market research on Balkans and then merge the results to get some idea on which path should we follow

To be able to do that, we need to know what are we dealing with:

  • Internet population in each country on Balkans
  • How many users on Facebook and other social websites?
  • How many hours people spend on internet(per week), per age of a person?
  • What are the primary devices/interfaces for interacting with the Web (desktop browser, smart phone, ...)?

Market research by countries


What is the current situation and how to improve it

  • Send some emails to universities and high schools asking what browser to students use
  • Ask if you're allowed to place some posters on boards in school/university lobbies
  • Connect with webmasters asking them to promote IT part of the work your community is doing
  • Promoting Open Web technologies in general

How to make large companies and news portals promote Firefox

  • Write news and send them to respectable news portals asking for a back-link
  • Invite them to support events by filming and promoting them online
  • Propose a "Firefox re-branding" to them
  • Explain what can they achieve with add-ons