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Balkans Meeting - NewB take 8


  • 0. Hi , my name is _______ and I am from _______. My favorite mozilla t-shirt is
  • 1. Konstantina from Athens, Greece. My favorite Mozilla t-shirt is the balkans one of course
  • 2. Boris Budini from Albania .
  • 3. Ioana Chiorean from Cluj Napoca, Romania. My fav tshirt is Adopt Mozilla One .
  • 4. Hi , my name is Alex Lakatos and I am from London/Cluj. My favorite mozilla t-shirt is the Ion Monkey one.
  • 5. Hi, my name is Jobava and I am from... the general Balkan region  :) I will be moved to wiki so I guess it is indexed and used on search engines.
  • 6. Father King, dialing in from Slovenia
  • 7. fredy (Greece)
  • 8. Gašper Deržanič, from Slovenia.
  • 9. Boris Budini no.2 from Albania . I am a clone


0. Community status ( events, meetings etc)

  • A) Congrats Novica! (he got married in case you haven't heard)

1. News from Mozilla Word

2. Participation update

  • firefox OS participation update, keep an eye on github
  • fall campaign and initiative in Germany
  • fennec in India, working with developers on bugs
  • community dashboards
    • Alex Lakatos is working on getting data for the dashboard
  • coaching
  • midterm planning
  • Want to participate? ping the participation team or add a comment on the issue you're interested on github
  • check the partication team's github

3. Future events

4. Windows 10 Campaign

5. Amazing SUMO work

6. Webmaker App and New thimble

7. Amazing QA work

  • QA buddy work continues
  • the buddy up app is going to be localised
  • keep testing the app

8. Amazing l10 work

  • Fredy and Iosif are going to localise firefox for Greece (we will hopefully make it for the 42 version, yeah)
  • Jobava - right now doing a review on SUMO contributions so far, contributions going back as far as 2-3 years, which were never accepted or rejected, this is just SUMO UI, after the review is done, SUMO UI should be about 50% done
  • vesper| -so we're talking about Verbatim, ok :), or are you already using Pontoon, as well?
  • Jobava - other than that, me and Cristi Silaghi have done great work on the rest of Verbatim but of course, SUMO and AMO is more than 50% of that - also did work on, which was languishing far behind - we also have a few new contributors for SUMO proper -
  • Jobava - and I am also doing a review on Webmaker, which was completed just a few days ago
  • Jobava - this is why I am doing a review, so people get feedback on their work, without feedback or direction, they move away

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Next meeting:

  • Should we keep the hour? some people are not able to join this time.
  • maybe we can do it in 30 minutes :)
  • [Action Item] [DONE] - let's doodle it (Ioana is responsible :P)

Action Items: