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Meeting Agenda for Tuesday August 3rd, 2010 @ 8pm CET

Dial-in info:

+1.800.707.2533, followed by 369(password) and then 340#(conf. room number)

Agenda points

  • Mozilla Bike Ride (Idea from Gorjan)
  • Is there anyway we can get mozilla to come to vlora on sept 11-12 in albania? (Question from Mike)    changed to "Next location of Mozilla Balkans Event"
  • Users and contributors engagement and presenting the user engagement plan and update from last call (Update from Alina)
  • Mozilla Project Brainstorming (Idea from Aleksandar)

Meeting notes

  • Gorjan talked about his 'bike ride idea'. It was basically cycling for a cause, like there are runs for cancer, we can cycle for the Open Web or something Mozilla related. The bikes can be 'mozillized' with tire Mozilla/Firefox stickers and cyclists can wear Mozilla t-shirts. It can be a ride in one single town, from 1 town to another or even across one country. For example it could take place in Greece for day 1. In the border between Greece and Macedonia the teams of both countries meet and exchange some sort of Mozilla symbol (maybe a Mozilla flag?) and then the Macedonian team continues forward to another border, ex. Serbian, and so on.

Maybe it's too ambitious of a project for the EU scale, so first we can do a Balkan Ride and see how that goes before going on a bigger scale. More on next call

  • Next location of Mozilla Balkans Event moved to next call
  • We need to look at more ideas of how we can get users of Firefox involved in contribution. There is a wikipage where there are a bunch of ideas, including newsletter templates, which communities can use in order to have a better and stronger communication with users from their area
  • Everyone have agree that it is good idea to use left time to discus about some project . We should see how we can present that project to the balkan people. But the project should also be added to agenda and not one project only it should be more then 3 it is better to have 5 and if someone have something to share , discus or can collaborate with some ideas then they will put a plus or star next to that project so we know if there is need to talk about it and it will be discussed about project with most stars or pluses