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  • 0. Hi , my name is _______ and am from _______ and lately I was involved/contributing in/to ______
  • 1. Hi - I am Ioana and I am from Romania - Involved in QA Community and Developing local/focused new ones
  • 2. Hi, I'm Konstantina from Greece - involved in Mozilla Reps and Social media translation
  • 3. Hi, I'm Vanja from Serbia and lately I was involved in l10n (Firefox and FxOS)
  • 4. Hi, my name is Saša and I'm from Serbia. Lately I was involved in managing Serbian Mozilla community, Social Media and ReMo.
  • 5.Hi , my name is Aleksandra and I am from Serbia and lately I was involved/contributing in/to l10n, graphic design
  • 6.Hi , my name is fredy and I am from Greece and lately I was involved/contributing in/to l10n, FxOS
  • 7.Hi, my name is Elio and I am from Albania and lately I was involved in l10n, Community Building and Graphic Design
  • 8. Hi, my name is Nikola and I'm from Croatia and lately I was involved in Community Building and FxOs
  • 9. Hi, my name is Kristi, I am from Albania, I have been contributing in Community Building,l10n
  • 10. Gasper
  • 11. Brian King


1. Community Status in 2014

  • FX OS Status, L10n & other projects)
  • If there will be communities that did not participate in the December meeting
    • Serbian community members will join the meeting (Saša Jakovljević, Mozilla Serbia)
  • Serbia:
    • "We didn't have many events last year, but we tried to keep the momentum mostly in Subotica, due the fact that most of mozillians are from Subotica. Prpić from Belgrade is also active around representing our community on various IT related events, mostly in Belgrade, Serbia. After Oskar left the community, Vanja did a great job on leading the community and organizing Firefox OS launch in Belgrade, at the begining of 2014.
    • Since then we had a lot of plans, but it was mostly halted for better days to come. During the summer we reorganized the community and made a plan for reactivating old ones and attracting new volunteers. L10n and Social Media team are always active, while on the other hand, we lack developers(android and Firefox OS) and other active contributors.
    • Vladimir Krstić and Milan Đukić (WebDevs) are working on our new community website, which will have the new look. We also organized a few l10n marathons. At the end of November we held an MozCoffee in Subotica where a lot of good ideas were shared and will be implemented.
      • Some of them are:
      • Our community to be more decentralized. As Boris is representating our community in Belgrade area, other areas in Serbia beside Subotica (Northern Serbia) and Belgrade should be involved, too.
      • Make stronger ties with other communities from Balkans. And also to encourage other contributors to connect with other mozillians, on various levels.
      • Community meetup 1x or 2x per year
      • AppDays in Belgrade area. With help from Boris Prpić, Marko Andrejić and Ivan from B92.
      • More MozCoffees, everybody loves them :) We held our first mozcoffee on November 30th and it was a blast. "
    • CROATIA:
      • I don't think we had a single event last year, our lead is now in China, few other active members also migrated so right now are rebuildin.
      • We are working on website right now, preparing few FxOS talks and planing recruiting events
      • Dejan and me - NIKOLA - are working together - we are only two left active in commnunity
      • We will regroup somewhere next week and hopefully we will have some good news next time
      • Ana Maria and Dejan are still active in Croatia - Brian King (:kinger) met them a couple of months ago

2. News:

  • not so much at this time - will skip it thistime

3. Communication

4 Logistics

  • Vidyo?
    • we cans stick to it but still use irc as main
  • TUE?
    • everybody agreed that Tuesday is fine
  • Hour?
    • Right now it's 7pm utc, a little bit late for Romania and Greece (9pm)
    • Decided to move it on 5 utc ( 6 CET)

5. 2015


  • Balkans meeting in May 2015:
    • Religious Easier to be checked
    • FOSSCOMM in GR (probably won't happen this year)
    • Commonfest in GR
    • (can we please don't pin it on the weekend of 9-10th May if its possible? Mozalb is organizing OSCAL at that time - Elio)
  • Location: Athens (Greece)/ Bucharest (Romania) and maybe Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Format:
    • more on hands sessions
    • small workshops/split in
    • KARAOKE!!!!!
  • Functional Areas to have presence/ employees:
    • CBT (Community building)+1
    • L10n
    • QA
  • Participants
    • around 30 persons
    • What about other Balkan communities? Will they be invited to MozBalkans or just a few? I think the real meaning of a meetup of Balkan communities implies that at least two members of each community will be attending. [Aleksandra Uzelac, member of Mozilla Serbia]
    • we will be inviting people from all Balkan countries - the 3 mentioned above are the proposed hosts [ioana]


  • Next meeting: February 3rd, 2015
  • we might have one in between depending on the events team and our progress with the Balkan Meetup.

Action Items:

  • [ioana] reach all communities to tell them about meeting ( many mozillians are not on balkans list)
    • hard to do as many do not have anymore a list mentioned on the community directory
  • [ioana] invite someone from FSA to the next meeting
    • No reply yet - will postpone it
  • [Kosntantina] check dates for Greek major events
  • [all] check visa issues for all 3 countries
  • [all] check major events that might block the timeframe