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Balkans Meeting - '16 - take 1


  • 1. Hi, my name is Marko and I am from Serbia
  • 2. Hi, I am Ioana and I am from Romania.
  • 3. Hi, my name is Aleksandra and I am from Serbia.
  • 4. Hi, my name is Nino and I am from Slovenia.
  • 5. I am Jobava and I am from Romania
  • 6. Hi, I'm Gašper and I'm from Slovenia - Ljubljana :-)


0. Community status ( events, meetings etc)

1. News from Mozilla Word

  • 1) Connected Devices
  • Brian's post about Leadership Summit.
  • 2) Community Design
    • Space aka Github Repo
    • Next meeting - Thursday Feb 11th
  • 3) Campus Campaign
    • Jobava - the sessions were really good. We talked about different personality types and how each can bring valuable additions to a participation team. It's also important to have diversity both in terms of personalities, but also men and women and different socio-economic groups, if at all possible
      • In my opinion we didn't talk enough about what privacy means and how that can be conveyed.
    • engaging with students a they have time and eager to learn
    • historically change has come from university campuses
    • example of events that formed the Obama campaign
    • Gasper - We plan an event with Poligon (co-working space) in cooperation with Pirate Party Slovenia - But I need a little more information, I should have a meet with Brian this week.
  • 4) FSA RAL
  • Announcement on twitter.
    • hard for the euorpean members as they are a few and the promoting system is broken - isues raise
    • Willing to try with the new campaign as a groupped effort

2. Participation update

3. Future events

4. Fuctional Teams

  • Work:
  • Announcements:


Next meeting:

  • March 1st.

Action Items:



  • [ioana] Pint FSA team for updates