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  • Ljubljana meet-up update
    • Quick check for all the invitees that need visa to travel to Slovenia
    • Arrivals
  • Communities update (focus on l10n, Firefox 4)
  • Market research
  • Logo

Meeting Notes

  • Community Meetup in Ljubljana
    • Matjaz gave an update in logistics
      • The venue is settled
      • Accommodation is settled
      • Transport to/from airport is settled
      • Information will appear on the wiki related to logistics
    • William and Brian went over the [schedule]
      • Not yet final, still looking for suggestions
      • Strong emphasis on the sprints on Saturday afternoon to have something solid to show from the meeting
      • Confusion about what will happen Sunday morning. We will be reviewing our goals from Skopje, and how successful or not we were at reaching them. We will revise our goals for the next half year.
    • Visa issues - no roadblocks, though some applications are still in progress.
  • Community Update
    •  ??
  • Market Research
    • Still not enough uptake on this yet
    • Some communities have made progress, just not posted the data yet
    • Edo would like an email template for requesting information from different institutions and companies
  • Logo
    • Kerim and Milos enlisted the help of a designer, and some results are up on the [logos page
    • Vito is concerned they are too dark ... wants more colour!
    • We need to determine the wording for t-shirts, i.e. should they mention meetup, or be more general
    • We can adapt it for a general logo for web sites, blog posts and so on