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  • 0. Hi , my name is _______ and am from _______ and lately I was involved/contributing in/to ______
  • 1. Hi, I am Ioana and i am from Romania. Lately you can find me around Mozilla Reps , Community development and participation, Womoz and all staff balkans
  • 2. Hi I'm Konstantina from Greece and unlike the other Greeks, I don't have a beard. I'm involved in Mozilla Reps, balkans, social media and womoz
  • 3. Hi I'm Elio from Albania and you can find me talking on Mozilla Channels about Logos, Design and Free Software (and beards) when I'm not currently working on Community Building or Mozilla Reps.
  • 4. Hi I'm Francisco from Spain, and I'm involved in community events
  • 5. Hi, my name is Aleksandra and I'm from Serbia and lately I was involved in l10n (Mozilla websites)
  • 6. Hi, I'm Nikola from Croatia and lately I was involved in community events
  • 7.Hi, I'm Raul from Romania and lately I was involved in L10n, Social Media
  • 8. Hi, I'm Altin from Kosovo


0. Community status

  • Kosovo
    • Generally not active. However we involve Mozilla topics in our annual events:
    • participated at the Mozilla Weeekend in Albania
    • participated in OSCAL
    • SFK14 Conference (Mozilla booth and lectures on FXOS)
    • FOSS BootCamp around 4 municipalities of Kosovo (Mozilla related project workshops/lectures)
  • Firefox L10N Situation - 10 March 2015
    • 1. Romanian – 100% - 0 string missing - last signoff fx37
    • 2. Greek – 2483 string missing – last signoff fx25
    • 3. Bulgarian – 1304 strings missing – last signoff fx36
    • 4. Croatian - 370 missing – last signoff fx37
    • 5. Macedonian – 3022 missing – last signoff – fx29
    • 6. Serbian - 271 missing – last signoff – fx37
    • 7. Slovenia - 271 missing – last signoff fx37
    • 8. Turkish – 99 missing- last signoff fx37
    • 9. Albanian – 75 missing - last signoff fx37
    • 10. Bosnian – 2539 missings - last signoff fx25
    • Source:
  • Serbian community: We localized a little, Firefox for Android, web content, Gaia... Other activities are on stand by. A lot of us are working or students so we don't have much time. Saša was planning on organizing App Days, but no info on it yet...
  • Romanian L10n Team finalizing 100% translating for Firefox Aurora, Lightning, Thunderbird Aurora, Fennec Aurora, Gaia 2.0,

1. News

2. Events

  • De Meetup - Elio
    • More WoMoz
    • More FSA
  • Mozilla Weekend Tirana - Elio
    • in overall very positive outcome
  • Croatian Community - Nikola
    • I would just like to announce - we (croatian Mozilla community) intend to give a few talks, set up booth and possibly get some FxOS phones for giveaway.

3. 2015 plans


  • Logistics
    • Bucharest, 22-24th MAy
    • TBD - Hotel
    • TBD - Venue - Valentin proposed a new place - he will follow up with us. (Brian attended a conf there)
    • TBD - Remote participation
  • Participants
    • Received nominations from SUMO, L10n, QA
    • Ask from the CDT side
    • A form will be send for registration to everyone on the list
  • Rough timeline:
    • March 13th - Form for application goes out
    • March 13th - 22nd - Mozillians will complete the form
    • March 23rd - 25th - Team will review the applications
    • March 26th - All applicants will be announced of the final status
    • March 26th - All accepted mozillians will be reached by Protravel to work on travel details, Visa etc.
  • Applications Form:
    • Applicant side
      • personal detaisl - name, country etc
      • team & motivation
      • activity reports
    • Our side:
      • evaluation criteria
  • Open Q&A
    • If some mozillians won't get sponsorship will they be able to attend on their own?
      • Ioana: I would say yes but still need to figure the agenda out
      • Franc: As it is a work week'end those active will be invited. Having more people will make it hard to organize the session.

old info
  • Balkans meeting in May 2015:
    • Location: Bucharest (Romania)
    • Format:
      • more on hands sessions
        • Functional Areas to have presence/ employees:
          • CDT/CBT (Community building)+1
          • L10n
          • QA
          • Firefox OS
            • small workshops/split in
          • contact Emma as she is leading the education effort.
      • Fun:
        • KARAOKE!!!!!
    • Participants
      • around 30 persons
  • After we decide on the topics we will open up a form for people to register. -->check the list on trello (link?)


Next meeting:

  • April 7th, 2015
    • we will have one in between depending on the events team and our progress with the Balkan Meetup.

Action Items:


  • [ioana] reach all communities to tell them about meeting ( many mozillians are not on balkans list)
    • hard to do as many do not have anymore a list mentioned on the community directory
      • it will be made with the balkans announcement
  • DONE [ioana] contact Functional area to let them know about the meeting maybe they want to participate
  • DONE [ioana] Functional area contacted for nominations.


  • [ioana] work on wiki page
  • [ioana] create form and sent it to the list