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  • 0. Hi , my name is _______ and am from _______ and lately I was involved/contributing in/to ______
  • 1. Hi, my name is Konstantina and I'm from Greece. Lately I was involved/contributing in ReMo and Greek social media
  • 2. Hi, my name is Ioana, I am from Romania. I am involved lately in Mozilla Reps ( func area QA, FX OS, Events)
  • 3. Hi, my name is Selim and I am from Turkey. Lately I was involved/contributing in Firefox and Fx OS l10n, social media, and SUMO.
  • 4. Hi , my name is Elio and am from Albania and lately I am mostly involved in ReMo, Creative & Visuals, Community Building & Evangelism
  • 5 Hi , my name is Alex and am from Romania and lately I was involved/contributing in/to Reps and DevEng
  • 6. Hi, my name is Nikos and I'm from Greece. I was involved in Reps and Community Building.
  • 7. Hi, my name is Nino and I'm from Slovenia. I was involved in Apps/Marketplace.


1. Community Status in 2014

  • Romania ( Alex & Ioana) :
    • Some webmaker events - specially in high schools
    • Some FSA applications but no track on FSA side so we kind of stagnate there
    • Different MozCoffes in many cities
    • Technical conferences: Selenium unconference, OSOM,
  • Albania ( Elio) :
    • Mozalb (Mozilla Albania is soon organizing Mozilla Weekend #2 in Tirana, featuring a keynote speaker from Mozilla global and various local Mozillians. The event will be hosted at the Open Labs hackerspace and we are awaiting around 60 attendees for 2 days.
    • We are organizing OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania, where Mozilla will be a core part of the event, featuring Christian Heilmann as a keynote speaker.
    • Kristi Progri, core contributor of Mozalb, is in the process of becoming a new rep, and the first rep of Ibrahima Sarr, who recently became a mentor.
    • The Firefox OS Launch is still on hold, due to AMC still being not part of Deutsche Telekom (still Cosmote)
    • We are currently holding various Webmaker events, as part of the Webmacademy project we are organizing for several months.
    • Attended SFK14 in Kosovo in October together with Giannis Konstantinidis to promote the local and global community of Mozilla. Organized 2 MozCafes in October and December
    • We currently have a new Firefox Student Ambassador. who is currently "taught" by Kristi, in order to become a core contributor at Mozilla Albania very soon.
  • Greece ( Konstantina & Nikos):
    • We didn't have as many events as 2013 but we kept the momentum mostly in Thessaloniki and Samos with Christos and Giannis.
    • Christos and Giannis also travelled around balkans
    • Christos recently became a mentor
    • We also have the social media team (lead by Thalia) where we localize the firefox account for facebook and twitter
    • We had also a community meetup.+1 forgot about that, thanks Nikos
  • Slovenia ( Nino):
  • Turkey (Selim):
    • Still no actual community - It's mostly just myself working on all kinds of stuff
    • Firefox, Fx for Android and Fx OS l10n
    • Doing well in Facebook and Twitter
    • A new student ambassador (Miraç) doing talks on Firefox OS in universities
  • Macedonia (Novica):
    • We had a Firefox 10 years party (прославивме-10-години-со-firefox/). It was nice, cake and all, but still no one was interested in doing talks or presentations;
    • The plan for the Webmaker workshop is stalled because the people who are supposed to lead the project are too busy with work;
    • Students are also too busy do do stuff; personally I think that that's ... (can I say bullshit on the pad?) because if you don't have time when you are student when will you? But I guess that's just an excuse for spending time on more lucrative activities;
    • The faith of Firefox OS remains a mystery....
    • I don't think anyone is doing l10n anymore (except for the web stuff that is).

2. FX OS Status:

  • Greece: Coordinate some things around Firefox OS launch (mostly marketing), but not so active lately. (Nikos)

3. L10n & other projects:

  • Romania:
    • Webmaker
    • L10n: a bit inactive and lot of work to do, we will try a restart in the Q1/2015
    • Womoz
    • Firefox OS Apps - we organzed 2 major Fx OS App Days - some more to come
    • Community participations
  • Slovenia:
    • Active l10n projects:
    • Firefox Desktop
    • Firefox Mobile
    • Firefox OS
    • Thunderbird
  • Greece:
    • l10n is basically made Fiotakis in Crete
    • Firefox OS l10n was basically made by Fredy and Thalia
    • Now it is maintained mostly by Iossif
    • Webmaker events by Yiannis
    • Athens Nasa space challenge in the hackerspace
    • l10n for social media by Thalia, Konstantina and Alex
    • Some events around Privacy

4. Lessons learned

  • what went well
  • what can be improved
  • L10n participation - more people localizing and more access

5. News

6. Telegram + Discourse

7. 2015

  • Greece:
    • More webmaker events
    • more women in the community
    • more Firefox OS tech events
  • Albania:
    • More decentralization of the local albanian community, in order to gain exposure for the whole community, not only 2-3 core contributors.
    • OSCAL '15 (Open Source Conference Albania) is another big event we have in 2015. The goal: more 'OS' in 'CAL :D
    • Many school computer labs will be turned by us into Linux Lubuntu, with Firefox as their defualt browser. We aim to convert hundreds of PC's in order to promote FLOSS and the Open Web more in public insitutions.
  • Slovenia:
    • Community meetup 1X or 2X per year
    • More Webmaker events
    • To animate contributors -> be more active
  • Turkey:
  • Romania:
    • continue with Webmaker events
    • Help more on L10n
    • check the Fx OS status for Romania - do more app days
    • group technical contributors around the community



  • Next meeting: January 6th, 2015

Action Items:

  • [ioana] sent mail with updates - meeting notes
  • [ioana] reach all communities totell them about meeting ( many mozillians are not on balkans list)
  • [ioana] invite someone from FSA to the next meeting
  • [Kosntantina] check dates for Greek major events
    • there is a major conf at 15-17 of May [Nikos]
  • [all] check visa issues for all 3 countries
  • [all] check major events that might block the timeframe