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Mozilla Balkans 2011 Sofia Candidacy

  • Bogo presented Sofia Candidacy for the next Mozilla Balkans Meetup.
  • We have to make sure not to origanise it too close to the MozCamp Europe.
  • Bulgarian community has enough people to take care of the organisation.
  • They might go with both, private and public event.

Mozilla Reps program

  • William wasn't present due to Firefox 4 release meeting.
  • We moved this item to the next meeting.

Ideas for FF 4.0 launch parties

  • Darko and Gorjan have the idea of having orange baloons in the main square of the city, spelling "Firefox 4" (maybe backwards). It would require permission from local government and it depends on weather.
  • Brian suggested big things like billboards and online ads.
  • Vito suggested attracting new active commnity members.
  • Matjaz suggested making use of twitter and facebook and issuing a press release to mainstream media.
  • Milos suggested trying to make this happen globally, get all communities have something in common, and that could be a ballon promotion of firefox 4.


  • It all started as a funny proposal about hosting our next meetup in Ireland.
  • It was only a joke, but Milos actually took it seriously. :-)
  • He proposes spreading best practices of Mozilla Balkans to other communities.
  • By literally hosting meetups outside the Balkans region.
  • Others suggested providing websites and videos to other communities and inviting them to join our meetings instead.