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Meeting notes:

This meeting we took on IRC instead of Skype and logs are here. You also can find etherpad were we posted some of our notes too : And major things (notes) from meeting are here:

  • we should have MeetBot on #Balkans IRC channel
  • every community should not wait at balkans to organize an event, party and etc.
  • full agenda should be sent to everyone mer than 3 days so everyone could think about topics
  • maybe redesigning our Balkans wikipage will help others to find infos they are searching for
  • we definitely should have oure usuall meet-up events , so we can share our ideas and efforts and way we had achive them too


Aleksandar Savic will initiate the Skype conference. If you want to be in the call, just add Skype id: and ask to be invited.

  • Short recap from MozCamp
  • Sharing thoughts
  • Defining what is best for Balkans to work smoothly
  • Next steps