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Meeting details

  • Tuesday, February 28th, 2012, 20:00 UTC
  • channel #balkans
  • Proposed agenda
  • IRC log meeting
  • Presence: Nikola, fredy, icecold, alexxed, mathjazz, altin, Milos, killer, kinger, RaulM, smo, ioanachiorean, AleksandarS, jovanovski

Discussed topics

1. Communication

2. Documentation & governance

  • Balkan Region Page:
    • We found someone who is interested in regulary updating wiki page and getting things sorted out? → [Ioana Chiorean], [Nikola Matosović]
    • Thoughts about proposed conditions and changes → ( , "Balkan Region wiki page" section). Voting?
    • Balkans contributors : there shouldn't be all community members from all countries, but those who are interested to work on goals we talked about, who actively participate in balkans as regions, not just in their communities
    • Communities have to update info about them and their members: a list of contributors (active/past), everyone who has helped will be there with a active/past status
    • call for update at mailing list → [Nikola Matosović]
    • "Local events" section -events under ReMo wiki - auto import data
  • Introduce a tasklist - tracked on meetings? Action points
  • Stewardship - What exactly is Stewardship and how does it affect Balkans? Questions and comments to [Nikola Matosović]

3. Balkan Identity

  • Goals:
    • Let's compare them with Sofia goals at the next meeting
  • Balkan Region definition and it's reach/radius - which countries exactly does it include?
  • Balkans Meeting
  • Event
  • Agreed on doing SWOT analysis for each country in Zagreb, Croatia

Action Items

  • [DONE] Ioana Chiorean - update wiki page
  • [DONE] Matjaž Horvat - Create
  • [NEW] Matjaž Horvat - Check with Bogo if he's holding MozillaBalkans Twitter profile
  • [NEW] Everyone - update that Mozilla Communities Communication Channels list
  • [NEW] Everyone - call for communities to nominate balkans contributors