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Dial-in info:

+1.800.707.2533, followed by 369(password) and then 340#(conf. room number)

Meeting notes:

  • Welcome and short reminder on what we talked about on our last call by William
  • Brief update on goal-achieving process among all communities by Milos
    • Current projects based on 6-month goals and action items:
      • l10n: Alina is working on heping each community identify those
      • Events: Pierros is looking into organizing a large public Mozilla event in Athens middle of September 2010; Alina also looking into organizing a public event in Iasi.
      • Mozilla Summit World Expo (to be discussed as separate agenda item)
      • Finding new volunteers (and help): Alina working advertising opportunities we are thinking to offer to local communities via
      • Infrastructure to foster collaboration: William working on integrating an events calendar on the Balkans wiki so everyone has visbility on upcoming events Mozilla is directly or potentially involved in; Milos will continue updating and building the wiki pages that he has created and will give an update during the next call
  • Mozilla Summit and WorldExpo
  • Next event