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  • Ioana
  • fredy :)
  • psmst
  • RaulM
  • Konstantina
  • Bebe
  • Mozilla-Albania/G


0. Better Outreach announcing it

  • many new people are not on the balkans list
  • contact direct the communities (through local lists)

1. FSA

  • a new academic years starts - how can we make sure we spread FSA better?
  • there is a new structure for FSA
    • AI: Ioana will ask for details
    • AI: Ioana will ask details from Kosovo and Macedonia

2. EU Code Week

3. Reps Land

4. Firefox OS Status in launched countries.

5. Next online meeting

6. Using Regional Events for Workshops [marcia]

  • QA is particularly interested in seeing if we can leverage any upcoming regional events
    • We need to educate our community and how they can become involved
    • We are a small team and depend on the community to help dogfood our products (Desktop, FX for Android, FX OS)
  • Focus could be on FX OS or another part of QA
  • Would like to partner or work with universities as well if possible
  • Where could this regional event occur?
    • past events: skopje, ljubljana, zagreb
    • prepare something dedicated for launched countries together with the marketplace team

7. Telegram Groups

The file you're looking for has been moved or deleted. :(