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Meeting Agenda

  • list of participants (2 lead contributors for each community)
  • logistics (hotel and venue update)
  • Sessions
    • Length and topics
    • Lectors and Keynote talks
    • Spreading the Public meeting in two parts: sessions and workshops
    • Try to have a one employee and one Community leader share the topic (Session)
  • Trademarks
    • Balkans event name proposals
    • Official logo that will be used on both shirts and fliers and posters
  • Drumbeat workshop? Do we want to organize one on Saturday?
  • Outreach to Albania, Greece and Slovenia, who have not yet participated in the calls.
  • Marketing ideas for all countries, getting people informed about the conference.

Meeting minutes

- important to distinguish technical sessions from non technical sessions as to not alienate those who are either not interested in technical stuff or cannot follow

- we need to specify that english is official language

- it would be good to alternate between staff and community presentations on the Saturday event

- the saturday event needs to be split into two parts, or even sessions can be split into two parts (eg. for each topic, staff present for 30 min and then community present for 15 min to show example of how what has been presented can be put into practice)

- we need to separate friday recommended topics from Saturday topics on the wiki

- berlin training for workshop will be great preparation for Kerim and Alina so they can plan and come up with the best format for Drumbeat workshop in Skopje

- video streaming is essential : Gorjan and Edo working on it - Edo will be able to host streaming on his own server :)

- everyone will brainstorm this week on possible logo and name for event and we will all decide during the next call; this is key as we prepare marketing strategy to promote event inside and outside Macedonia