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Meeting Agenda:

Schedule (fill me)


  • Staff - who's coming and who's gonna do the keynotes
  • Fill out the table pls!
  • Albanian team


  • Promotion & swag update
  • T-Shirts
  • Logo - should we change it
  • Ideas?


  • Brief update

Night in the town

  • Anyone want to see or do something special?
  • Ideas?

Logistics Update

Meeting Notes:


  • Pascal Chevrel confirmed to attend
  • Vlad cannot attend
  • Albanian community not certain to attend


  • Gandalf and Seth to lead AMO localization session on Friday
  • Brian to lead HTML5 + Mobile components which will be merged into Firefox roadmap presentation on Friday and general presentation on Saturday
  • Workshops on Jetpack (Gandalf), Add-ons (Brian) and SUMO (Kadir/David) to be led on Saturday afternoon
  • "Meet the Balkan Communities" will be moved earlier and the Add-ons/Labs sessions will be moved to after lunch


  • we will have a 5 Mb connection at the venue, the hotel has a normal WiFi connection
  • high quality streaming necessitates at least 8 Mb so we can expect lower quality but still OK


  • everyone who hasn't booked their travel to Skopje have to book it this week and input their details on the wiki so we can arrange taxi pickup from the airport (if necessary)
  • Night on the town will be organized on Friday (walk through the streets of Skopje) and nightclub/party planned for Saturday --> more details to come


  • William to send out official invitations to attend the event to technology leaders across the region on Monday
  • billboards currently being prepared to advertise event
  • Gorjan will be sending out emails and advertising event at university throughout the week next week
  • press expected to participate and interview Mozilla staff and community
  • temporary logo will be the logo proposed by Alksandar but it is a work in progress and it is NOT the final logo