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This is the payload schema version 0.1

All contribution data follows this schema:

  • email: email address of contributor (string) *required
  • datetime: date and time of contribution using ISO 8601(datetime) *required
  • canonical: permanent URL to contribution (string)
  • type: a codified string that describes the contribution (string) *required eg:
    • bugzilla-comment
    • hg-commit
    • sumo-revision
    • reps-activity
    • github-commit
    • one_and_done-task-finished
  • source: source of contribution, one of the following: (string) *required
    • bugzilla
    • hg
    • sumo
    • reps
    • github
    • one_and_done
  • version:Version of the Schema used (0.1 in this case)(string) *required
  • extra: per-contribution data, following a source-dependent schema (dictionary)