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UPDATE 2012: These days, "Basecamp" is a codename for the first milestone of the Kilimanjaro project. You can find it here. What follows below about a page from 2010 talking about a drupal basecamp instance. Not the same!

A proposal for a Mozilla basecamp


An open atrium Drupal basecamp for all mozilla sites (spreadfirefox , ..) would provide at least two clear benefits ..

  1. A more structured environment for contributors coming together to work on project sprints
  2. Focusing the conversation to reduce dissapation of information within individual emails & IRC posts

An open atrium basecamp could become a valueable resource of information which would ordinarily have been dissapated within individual emails & IRC posts and potentially could improve productivity for everyone at Mozilla.

More broadly speakly were proposing that for project sprints (on Spreadfirefox, ..) we use Openatrium + IRC instead of Mailing lists / Google groups + IRC and with a little less IRC and that mailing lists are better used for meta projects or overarching projects like Marketing , Drumbeat , ..

Please provide feedback below ..

Getting started

If we get the green light to move forward with implementing a Mozilla basecamp our recommendation would be to pilot the scheme with the Spreadfirefox project sprint to rebuild the site on Drupal 7


  • Paul Booker (open atrium Drupal Developer | Wiki page maintainer | Site manager ) (Sponsored by Ian Hayward @ Appcoast)
  • Jamey Boje (Site manager, Creative Director)
  • Ian Hayward (Entrepreneur & Mozilla sponsor)


  • Would need to set up an account for BMO on Bugzilla.Mozilla )


  • To be discussed but not in a meeting as that has not been discussed yet

Feature requests


More about open atrium