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Berlin TV Tower
The Berlin TV Tower, CC-BY-SA-3.0 acoyaba(at)

Welcome To Berlin!

Welcome to the Berlin office! We're glad to have you here!

Come and join us for some German beer, some Currywurst and our fun new space...

Need Help with a Mozilla product?

For fast and easy support go to Mozilla Support Please understand that Mozilla, as a non-profit, can not provide phone support.

Office Logistics

Berlin office entrance area
Berlin office entrance area


  • Three office rooms with three to six employee desks each
  • Two meeting rooms equipped for video conferencing
  • 30m² multi-purpose room equipped with tables, chairs, and a video conferencing system
  • 30m² multi-purpose room equipped with tables, chairs, and a foosball table (mainly used for recreational activity and storage)
  • Three Vidyo booths
  • Entrance area with comfy lounge space
  • Kitchen with refrigerated drinks, espresso machine, dish washer, and snack bar

Hot Desks

There are several hot desks available in the office rooms and the multi-purpose rooms for short- and long-term visitors.

Foosball Table

Berlin foosball table
Lettner Evolution foosball table
We don't have enough room for a ping pong table yet, but there's a professional foosball table. The model is a Lettner Evolution which is commonly played both in Berlin's bars and the German foosball league.

Join us for a round or two!

Getting Here

Traveling to Berlin

The best airport option is Berlin-Tegel (TXL). Fly TXL it if you can. It's one of the most stress-free and swiftest airport experiences you'll ever get. It's also by far the closest airport to the Berlin office and just a 20 EUR taxi ride away.

Getting to TXL usually takes less than 30 minutes from the office, and less than 45 minutes from Alexanderplatz. Everything at TXL is within 5-min walking distance. Don't expect to spend more than 30 minutes to get from the taxi through security to the gates unless you must check baggage for a long-distance flight. Often you'll make it in well under 20.

TXL is served by Lufthansa, Airberlin and most other international airlines. Depending on the airline, you'll have to fly Schönefeld Airport (SXF). It is not as convenient as TXL, but still quite alright. While this is a bit further out from the office, the taxi ride will still only set you back about 45 EUR. Calculate an hour to get there.

Both airports are very well connected to the public transport system (see below). TXL is served by the TXL Airport Bus Line which takes between 30 and 40 minutes to and from Alexanderplatz. A ticket to and from anywhere in the city (tariff ABC) costs only 3.30 EUR.

Public transportation

Berlin public transport logos
Indicating the next local train ("S-Bahn"), subway ("U-Bahn"), or bus station.
The subway ("U-Bahn") station closest to the office is Voltastraße, served by subway line U8. You can find information on the metro service and maps here:
  • The communal operator in Berlin is BVG. Their tickets are valid for all subway, tram, bus, S-Bahn, and regional train rides that start and end inside the Berlin area.
  • Every ride within the inner city (region AB) is 2.70 EUR. Rides to the outskirts (ABC) are 3.30 EUR each. You will almost always require just an AB ticket.
  • A ticket is valid for two hours, but only for one direction.
  • Subway and S-Bahn train map (region ABC) (PDF)
  • Subway and S-Bahn train map (city/region AB) (PDF)
  • Tram map (PDF)
  • Interactive map
  • Day tickets are cheaper when taking three rides or more. Also: buying tickets in sets of 4 gives you a decent deal.
  • Day tickets for groups up to five people are dirt-cheap.
  • Multi-day tickets (regular ones or the "City/Welcome" variety which allow rebates in certain museums and restaurants) are not really a good deal.
  • Every ticket machine also sells special tickets, but they're hidden in sub-menus. Keep digging!
  • Remember to always validate your ticket before boarding a subway, S-Bahn or regional train. Ticket validation machines are located near the ticket machine itself and on the platforms.
  • Ticket machines do not accept credit cards. They all accept coins, some accept bank notes, too.

Smartphone Apps

The single best public transportation app for Android is Öffi. It covers all of Germany and is available for free through Google Play.

  • Open "Öffi Directions", choose My current location as starting point and Voltastr. as your destination, and you should be good to go.

From Tegel Airport TXL

  • Take bus 128 direction Osloer Str.
  • Exit 16th stop at Osloer Str.
  • Transfer to the subway station by following the signs with the big blue U.
  • Board subway line U8 direction Hermannstr. or Hermannplatz.
  • Exit 3rd stop at Voltastraße.
  • Leave subway station towards the end of the train, cross street to the left, turn left, and enter Voltastr. to the right.

From Schönefeld Airport SFL

  • Unfortunately, there are too many options to list. You generally need to catch a regional train to Alexanderplatz or an S-Bahn to Ostkreuz.
    • Regional trains are much faster than S-Bahn (30 vs. 50 minutes for the whole trip), but their numbering is utterly confusing.
    • The one correct S-Bahn, on the other hand, is easier to find.
  • Regional trains ("RE" or "RB") to Alexanderplatz leave from platforms 4 or 6.
  • S-Bahn line S8 leaves from platform 11.
  • If you take the S8, exit at Ostkreuz, and there transfer to any S-Bahn leaving from platform 8.
  • Exit at Alexanderplatz.
  • Follow directions From Alexanderplatz.

From Berlin Hauptbahnhof train station

  • Take any S-Bahn leaving from platform 15 upstairs.
  • Exit 3rd stop at Alexanderplatz.
  • Follow directions From Alexanderplatz.

From Berlin Ostbahnhof train station

  • Take any S-Bahn leaving from platform 11.
  • Exit 2nd stop at Alexanderplatz.
  • Follow directions From Alexanderplatz.

From Alexanderplatz

  • Transfer to the subway station downstairs. Follow the signs with the big blue U.
  • Take subway line U8 direction Wittenau or Osloer Str..
  • Exit 4th stop at Voltastraße.
  • Leave subway station towards the front of the train, cross street to the left, turn left, and walk down Voltastraße to the right.

Car Services

My Taxi

If you know you need to take a lot of taxis while you are in town, we suggest downloading the MyTaxi app. You can filter taxis by who takes card, how many people you need to pick up etc.

  • Most taxi rides within central Berlin are around 10 EUR, hardly more than 15 EUR.

Visiting Berlin


Hotel Casa Camper Weinmeisterstraße 1

Tipping & Money

  • Local Currency: Euro
  • It is customary in Germany to tip a little by rounding up and around 10% at restaurants for good service. Tipping in bars is not something many Europeans do.
  • Not many places accept Credit/Debit Card. Many smaller restaurants and shops do not accept credit cards like in the US and other larger European cities. Please be prepared to pay in cash. It's a good practice in Berlin to ask in advance of making a restaurant reservation if they accept credit cards.

Things to do in Berlin


Sight Seeing

  • Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz – best view of the city, but long waiting lines
  • Oranienstr. in Kreuzberg – lots of cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Take one ride around the S-Bahn-Ring. Train lines 41 or 42. A public transport ticket (region AB) is only 2.70 EUR. The full circle takes about an hour and will show you many facets of the city and you'll see people from all walks of life.
  • Teufelsberg – the old NSA listening post
  • Berliner Unterwelten – awesome guided tours through old bunkers and other abandoned, mostly underground places.

Websites for short stays!


White Trash Fast Food
Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin, Germany
Some of the best burgers in town

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 7, 10178 Berlin
Great Burritos and Wraps close to Alexanderplatz. Also: home-made strawberry lemonade.


Forum Wine Bar
Fehrbelliner Straße 57, 10119 Berlin, Germany
The Forum wine bar is super cool. You pay 2EUR when you enter and you drink as much wine as you want and eat from their small salad bar. At the end, you pay what you feel it was worth. Done!

Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin
Where all the hackers hang out. Smoker's bar. Pro-tipp: order a "Tschunk" (Caipirinha with Club-Mate). It's close to S-Bahn stop Hackescher Markt in walking distance from Alexanderplatz, and easy to miss with the entrance hidden deep inside the backyard.

Brauhaus Lemke
Dircksenstraße 143, 10178 Berlin
Very, very German and not nearly as bad as it sounds. They serve decent foods and very tasty beer from their own brewery. Pro-tipp: order a "Bierprobe", which is a small sample of all their beers. Located right next to S-Bahn stop Hackescher Markt and in walking distance from Alexanderplatz.

Vagabund Brauerei
Antwerpenerstr. 3, 13353 Berlin
Bar with built-in micro brewery located in district Wedding. Watch your beer in the making.

Hacker Spaces

Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin
The largest hackerspace of the city located directly on the river Spree near Subway/S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke. It's not easy to find because it's located in the second backyard from the street. Open every day, it has regular and irregular events on most of the evenings and parties on the weekends. The included bar also sells the legendary "Tschunk".

Gerichtstr. 66, 13347 Berlin
Need to quickly machine your metal parts, 3D-print a case for your electronics project, or sew your pants? Or reverse-engineer your DNA in a biolab, smell the vegetables or just hang out in the hot tub of a massively green backyard garden? The "Space Agency" is one of the most well-equipped fablabs you'll find in this country, and always worth a little visit.

Berlin Office Location

Voltastr. building access
Voltastr. building access

Mozilla Berlin
Haus 10, Treppe 6
Voltastr. 5
13355 Berlin

Additional Information

  • Building Access: Use driveway Voltastr. 5 or 3 (stay close to the building when entering through 3). Our entrance "10.6" is in the backyard between the two (location on OpenStreetMap). Please be aware that the Berlin office does not operate on Mozilla's badge system. You need keys to enter the office. During working hours the office will be open.
  • Bikes: Our office is also bike friendly! We have a lot of racks outside of our building. You can also rent a bike in Berlin very easily (more details to come).

  • This is not a support hotline. For fast and easy support go to Mozilla Support
  • Main Office: +49 30 983333000
  • Reception Desk: +49 30 983333002
  • Fax: +49 30 983333001

Emergency Information

  • Emergency Services: 110 (police), 112 (ambulance, fire), mobile networks also support 911