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The Mozilla Foundation board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Mozilla and provides direct strategic oversight of programs operated directly by Mozilla Foundation staff.

The board participates in the yearly development of Mozilla Foundation goals and approves an annual budget based on these goals. They are also responsible for selecting, supporting and evaluating the Executive Director of Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.

The Mozilla Foundation board is currently recruiting new members. For more information please review the job description.

For more information on the board, visit this FAQ.

Board Composition

Voting directors

  • Mitchell Baker, Chair of Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation
  • Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director at Hyperledger and Apache founder
  • Helen Turvey, Executive Director of the Shuttleworth Foundation
  • Mark Surman, Executive Director of Mozilla
  • Nicole Wong, Attorney specializing in Internet, media and intellectual property law
  • Amy Keating, Chief Legal Officer at Planet Labs

Former Board Members

  • Mohamed Nanabhay, Deputy CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)
  • Ronaldo Lemos, Project Lead for Creative Commons Brazil
  • Bob Lisbonne, Lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, former CEO of Luminate and former Netscape VP
  • Cathy Davidson, Professor of English at Duke University
  • Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab Director and Creative Commons Chair
  • Mitch Kapor, Co-Founder and Former Chair, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO, Credo AI
  • Wambui Kinya, Regional Manager, EMEA, Elephant Ventures, LLC

Non-voting officers

Expanding the Board of Directors

In 2023 Mozilla decided to expand the Board of Directors to include new skills and areas of focus that mirror the growth of our work. This search brought us to Amy Keating, our latest addition to the board.

Recruiting for the board remains open.

Annual Schedule

The board convenes four times per year — usually twice in person, and two times by phone — to discuss Foundation strategy and operations. Additionally, the board meets once annually with the Mozilla Corporation CEO to receive a strategic update. The schedule is loosely as follows:

  • Q1 Financial Approvals
  • Q2 Cross Over Meeting with Mozilla Corporation
  • Q3 Programmatic Focus
  • Q4 Year End

Board members also serve on committees or work with senior staff on special projects. Committees exist for:

  • Audit which includes Brian Behlendorf and Nicole Wong;
  • Diversity which includes Helen Turvey, Mark Surman and Nicole Wong.
  • Finance, investment and compensation which includes Brian Behlendorf and Helen Turvey; and
  • Programs which includes Amy Keating, Helen Turvey, Nicole Wong and Mark Surman.

Board Slides

This section added in September 2020 to provide increased transparency and an historical record for Mozilla board discussions. We will be updating this regularly with public copies of all board presentations.

Below are public copies of the board presentations dating back two years.






We focused on getting more recent materials up as part of this refresh we’re working to go back as far as we can over the coming months.