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About event

In order to disseminate knowledge about technology, FITO (Fundação Instituto Tecnológico de Osasco) with the local community of free software have partnered to bring this knowledge to you. It will be a full day of lectures and workshops of the most diverse subjects.
This event is 100% supported by the community and there is only thanks to the voluntary work of many professionals


20 Aug, 2016


  • Address: Rua Camélia, 26 - 06110-300
  • District: Jd. das Flores
  • City: Osasco
  • State: São Paulo
  • Country: Brazil

Reps Event page

Travel information

RBR -> CGH 19 Aug 2016
CGH - > RBR 21 Aug 2016
  • Geraldo Barros
Campinas/SP - > Osasco/SP
Osasco/SP - > Campinas/SP


Date and time
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Mozilla: Helping keep the web open
Show participants the various ways to get involved with Mozilla and contribute to their projects, demonstrating its main products and struggle to maintain open and accessible web for all by providing software that allow our users to have control of your online life.
Lenno Azevedo
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No name
Stay Smart Web: Tracking, Cyber Security and Governmental Surveillance
Stay Smart Web is your time to question, learn, do and talk about cyber security, tracking, and government surveillance on the Internet, based on Mozilla's policies and experts. Take control, protect and defend your information on the web.
Geraldo Barros

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