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This is the set of issues that we should address in the next year. This is list is expect to change once we've triaged the pending stuff in Bugzilla.

This list should be prioritized and scheduled.

Socorro UI

August release

In Planning

July release

  • Navigation and UI polish

    • 492017 RSS Feed Recent crashes by Product/Version/OS

    • 503797 URL encoding for Get Help link

TBD Release

  • 428756 Fix Product/version sorting
  • LDAP logins for different types of users
    • Expose url for mozuser 415027
    • raw stack dump and registers 411431 (stretch goal?)
  • Search that gives users more flexibility
    • by build number 411354
    • they frequently request urls 411417
    • are we going to have different UIs for search based on user type
    • Full text on
  • fix the waiting forever problem for uuid lookups that don't exist 422945
  • Better living through 404s 414258
  • admin interface (depends on LDAP work)
    • hide branches, products, versions
    • configure report generation, etc
    • adding product/version for reports (materialized views)
    • new top crashers by module report
    • Top Crash By Sig Enhancements