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Breakpad Analysis and Reporting System(s)

The query engine provides reporting and querying from the database. It requires read access to the database. There are two basic kinds of reporting:

  • System status information
  • Querying individual data to find specific information
  • Report generation aggregating large volumes of data

System Status

To verify that the system is running efficiently:

  • Number of reports collected
  • Number of reports processed
  • Number of reports collected but not yet processed (backlog)




Currently, "stack signature" means the top stackframe. In the future, it may make sense to make this more specific or more general, or allow individual queries to widen/narrow the scope.

Instead of running the reports on request, it may make sense to generate them from a cron script.

Product metadata includes:

  • Product -> Firefox
  • Branch -> 1.8
  • Version ->
  • OS
  • BuildID

Crash report metadata includes the above, plus:

  • OS version (and patchlevel if applicable)
  • list of process DLLs
  • list of process enabled extensions
  • unique ID (per-user)
  • install date
  • runtime this session (before crash)
  • number of runs for this install
  • number of crashes for this install