Breakpad/Status Meetings/2007-Apr-6

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morgamic, luser, bsmedberg, aravind, dcamp

Action Item Update

  • morgamic to have a draft of the database schema
  • luser to make the symbol upload files more specific and then work with build to get nightly trunk symbol loading -- Done!


  • client has been updated and mac work is beginning, Time estimates? Intel or PPC or both?
  • progress or problems with existing tasks
    • processor separation?
  • PGSQL decision made?
    • Do we need a testing server?
    • How will that affect IT?
  • Schema discussion: identify all missing pieces now, or develop new tables as needed? (e.g. extension list, DLL list, other?)

Action Items

  • ted: come up with way to uniquely identify modules (DLLs/sos) in the database
  • morgamic to continue database work
  • bsmedberg to review spreadsheet and reporting requirements against the proposed database schema
  • bsmedberg to come up with crash signature algorithm
  • aravind to investigate replication possibilities with pgsql

Other Information

  • plasticmillion and crowder both expressed practical interest in saving JS stacks as well... need to investigate how practical that is, possibly at the onsite
  • reporting needs to be able to show reports in roughly realtime. This means either realtime replication or pulling specific reports from the main database (queries/reports could still be run from the shadow)