Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-June-22

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  • Ship status and blockers
    • Possible ship tomorrow, 6/23. Next possible date Tuesday 6/28, without laura or rhelmer (lars + jabba driving)
    • Is ship tomorrow blocked by the Fx release yesterday?
    • QA - mbrandt
    • bug 665522
    • Metrics: boxes for production ES? When will this be ready to go
    • Suggest shipping with PG version preffed on and flipping the switch when these issues are resolved
    • jabba says need the pgbouncer issue resolved in staging

Other issues

  • Have had some discussions this week, and so far Q3 looks like:
    • Move to github
    • Config changes only release
    • TCBS -> ES
    • UTC
    • Data retention policy, create and enforce
    • Tasks as listed by KaiRo, elevating reports (largely converting to ES), UI changes, etc.
  • Other goals
    • Review and plan queue management for the future
    • Update VMs and share them with the community
    • Decide on community support levels
    • Better packaging
    • Continuous load testing
  • Beyond 2.0, users will need ElasticSearch, although some may choose to use this with PostgreSQL.