Breakpad/Status Meetings/2012-February-15

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Meeting Info

Teleconference: room 300
Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Socorro Release Tracker
Socorro Bug Tracker


  • Done!


  • bugs
  • Freeze today, bugs that don't land go to 2.4.4 for next week
  • Push next Wed


  • bugs
  • Freeze next Wed

Other issues

  • Met with smooney and akeybl. Summary:
  • ESR
    • We do need topcrashers etc for these versions, by 4/24 latest.
    • We can rewrite the release channel ESR as release and treat them as just other available release versions (think 3.6.whatever) if this helps. They do not need to be represented as a separate release channel in the UI etc.
    • Report on these versions as 10.0.2esr etc
    • There will be one every six weeks, 10.0.3esr, etc all the way up to 10.0.7esr
  • Fennec:
    • Fennec XUL will not ship 11 or 12 on the release channel. They will ship on the beta channel.
    • Instead, we will get 10.0.2esr on release channel ESR with product Fennec. The go to build will be 3/2.
    • Fennec Android will ship as usual
    • We can rewrite ESR builds as release builds here too.
    • These changes are needed by 3/13.