Breakpad/Status Meetings/2017-02-08

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Meeting Info

Breakpad status meetings occur on Wed at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Conference numbers:

   Vidyo: Stability 
   650-903-0800 x92 conf 98200#
   800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf 98200# 

IRC backchannel: #breakpad
Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Operations Updates

  • crontabber blips last night
    • pingdom was getting 503's from the webapp
  • antennae testing
    • see downstream notes

Project Updates

Deployment Triage

PR Triage

Major Projects

Splitting out collector (Antenna)

Miles, Matt and Will spent the last week working on setting up autoscaling for Antenna, figuring out a better configuration for Antenna and setting up a load test. There's a lot of new stuff here, so we're slowly working through it. The end result will be:

  1. a configuration (ec2 sizing, gunicorn settings, etc) for Antenna that has good runtime properties
  2. a list of bugs to get fixed in Antenna
  3. load test configuration and steps to run the load test to determine how Antenna will perform under various load scenarios including ones representative of "normal Socorro" and "peak Socorro"
    1. Test plan -
    2. Test artifacts and report -

Deprecation rampage

Processor rewrite

  • no update

Upgrading elasticsearch

  • (Adrian) current status
  • (Adrian) currently updating code to support ES 5.1
    • lots of subtle API changes in libraries and ES itself
    • mapping changes are going to be more complex than I anticipated
  • (miles) no steps towards spinning up the 5.1 cluster to which we will migrate. Should I make it high priority?
    • (adrian) until I resolve the mapping problem we don't need it. Hopefully 1-2 weeks

Other Business

Travel, etc