Breakpad/Status Meetings/2017-05-24

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Meeting Info

Breakpad status meetings occur on Wed at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Conference numbers:

   Vidyo: Stability 
   650-903-0800 x92 conf 98200#
   800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf 98200# 

IRC backchannel: #breakpad
Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Operations Updates

  • protoyping elasticsearch migration
    • method of snapshotting from 1.x to 2.x to 5.x sort of works, but some indices can't be upgraded in their current state
    • we probably need to reindex and thus need a mapping file that works across versions
    • maybe we'll spin up an elasticsearch 5.x cluster at miles' house and reindex from remote into that and then snapshot that to AWS ES thingy
    • miles has been working on that plan; maybe done by the end of the week
  • socorro -prod deploy later today
  • antenna -prod deploy later today
  • we asked how long until we lose all access to socorro things which makes development hard/impossible
    • Will will write up a bug covering the issue
    • we'll figure it out in san francisco

Security Updates

  • canceled the tecken rapid risk assessment since an old one exists. we can update it when new functionality is ready to release.
  • tecken timeline
    • has two components going to prod probably in june.
    • the third component will probably go in july--that'll need an RRA update and a security review.

QA Updates

  • brief conversation about tecken loadtesting.
    • waiting on a -stage environment to test on.
    • will probably use molotov.
    • Peter will write a load test scenario for tecken.

Project Updates

Deployment Triage

PR Triage

Major Projects

Deprecation rampage

Processor rewrite

No new progress.

Upgrading elasticsearch

Symbol Server 2017

  • Spent two days writing a new mock solution for unit testing boto3. Sigh.
  • Tracker
    • Ted r+ the taking-over of
    • Rough timeline:
      • no Rapid Risk Assessment needed for the Tecken Download and Tecken Symbolicate
      • no Security Checklist needed for Tecken Download and Tecken Symbolicate
      • peterbe to start load testing process with grumpy using molotov
      • Go to prod with Tecken Download and Tecken Symbolicate and take over
      • Finish the work on Tecken Upload
        • will need RRA and Security Checklist
        • will get RelEng to switch to for their uploads

Other Business

Travel, etc

  • Adrian on French Holiday tomorrow, May 25th
  • US Holiday on May 29th
  • peterbe out rest of the week, 25-26 May