Breakpad/Status meetings/2013-September-04

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Meeting Info

Breakpad status meetings occur on Wed at 11:00am Pacific Time.

Conference numbers:

   Vidyo: Stability 
   650-903-0800 x92 conf 98200#
   800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf 98200# 

IRC backchannel: #breakpad Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Socorro Release Tracker
Socorro Bug Tracker


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Target milestone Priority Status Resolution Whiteboard
723671 Status page should show DB version Adrian Gaudebert [:adrian] 58 -- VERIFIED FIXED
894493 use peep for installing dependencies Robert Helmer [:rhelmer] 58 -- RESOLVED FIXED [qa-]
896000 Install Configman from pypi instead of GH Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] 58 -- RESOLVED FIXED [qa-]
902142 Partitioning for matview tables Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 58 -- RESOLVED FIXED [qa-][DB Changes]
905346 Fix "without timezone" constraints on partitions Selena Deckelmann :selenamarie :selena 58 -- RESOLVED FIXED [DB Changes] [qa-]
906872 Fix add_new_product() for rapid_beta_version 58 -- RESOLVED FIXED [qa-]
910750 Graph on Daily report should not pin the y-axis to exactly 100 Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] 58 -- VERIFIED FIXED
910764 " --nagios" always prints "./config" to stdout as first line Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] 58 -- VERIFIED FIXED [qa-]
910831 Stop sending uuids to statsd Lonnen :lonnen 58 -- RESOLVED FIXED
911297 500 errors on getting processed crash from PG can break the report_index Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] 58 -- VERIFIED FIXED [qa-]
912248 [stage][trackback] returns a 500 error: BadStatusCodeError 58 -- VERIFIED FIXED [stage][traceback][fromAutomation]

11 Total; 0 Open (0%); 6 Resolved (54.55%); 5 Verified (45.45%);

PR Triage

Other issues

Ops Updates

Soccoro Puppet module being open sourced (from push postmortem)

  • Will find out timeline for moving to git / open sourcing socorro module for enabling self service config changes

ElasticSearch Prod Cluster capacity -

Socorro Chief -

  • stage is working but all the commander script does is call shell scripts
  • did a bunch of cleanup and consolidation to it's a single shell script, over the weekend
  • going to file bugs and a couple PRs to get the scripts chief is using into the repo, today
  • Then, the commander script needs to be added to the repo and its functionality moved up into python

Bixie Staging -

* Expect to have done by tomorrow morning
* Mostly moving and renaming classes, shouldn't break stage
  • once refactor is done I'll copy manifests and modify for specific bixie stuff, in collaboration with :lonnen, to stage env finished

PHP Decommission -

  • on deck to work on when waiting on dependencies for Chief and Bixie work
  • action items:
  • file bugs to have puppet stuff removed
  • file shut down hardware, but leave allocated to socorro for potential use as bixie prod app servers


  • Lars out for September
  • Brandon out today through September 5 (Paris!)
  • Adrian on PTO, Sept 9 to 13
  • Selena at Postgres Open: Sept 16-18