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  • Brings Johnny Five to the web using browserify and serialport plugins.
  • Enable porting of existing work based on johnny five or firmata.
  • Enable device integration on websites/webapps/add-ons.

Browser J5 RC Car Demo

A remote control car project to that leverages browser J5 to run on different platforms.

BLE SerialPort

A cross-platform solution to control Arduino via BLE. For BLE module currently only supports BleShield. SerialPort

Exposing Arduino devices connected to your host machine(laptop/PC) via a server, you'll be able to controll devices on any browsers with access to the server.

WoT Daemon

Running serialport server with a Node-Webkit system tray app.

Chrome App-API proxy

Call Chrome App APIs from a Webpage, currently used with WoT Maker.

Chrome USB SerialPort

A serialport module for Google Chrome browser, currently used with WoT Maker.

Browserify Johnny Five

Build Johnny Five as a browserify module, currently used with WoT Maker.

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