BuddyUp Team Members

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Strategy, Product & Relationship Management
  • David Tenser (Director of User Success)
  • Laura Thomson (Direction of Engineering Ops)
User Experience
  • Jacqueline Savoy (IxD)
  • Rob Macdonald (IxD)
  • Helen Huang (VisD)
  • Peter La (App Icon)
Product Manager
  • Kadir Topal
  • Peter Dolanjski (FxOS)
Engineering Management
  • David Scravaglieri (FxOS platform)
  • Laura Thomson (Service Ops)
Lead Project Manager
  • Phase 1: Kadir Topal (SUMO)
  • Phase 2: Jean Gong (FxOS)
Engineers - SUMO
  • Michael Cooper - SUMO server
  • Anthony Ricaud - FxOS client, WebRTC server
  • Rehan Dalal - FxOS client
Business Development Joanne Nagel
Marketing David Slater
Contract and Legal Urmika Devi
QA Leads Leads: Marcia Knous and Ioana Chiorean
  • Christos Bacharakis
  • Alfredos (fredy) Damkalis
  • Karthikeyan Palaniswamy
Content Manager Joni Savage
2.1 Release Owner Faramarz Rashed
2.1 Release Managers Bhavana Bajaj
Project Architect None
Public Relations None