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Bug Farming

Automated cleanup of bugs is handled by the bug-husbandry-bot, under which regular and ad-hoc queries run.

Current Regular Queries

Intermittent Test Failure Cleanup

Resolves bugs filed from Orange Factor for intermittent test failures. Intermittent test failure bugs which have had no new failures in 21 days (as measured by comment count) and have not been reopened in the past week are resolved as INCOMPLETE.

Inactive Bugs

Resolves bugs in Firefox-related components which have no activity in at least one year. These bugs are resolved as INACTIVE.

Other Requests

File a bug in the Bulk Bug Edit Requests component.

Release Cycle Queries and Activities

1 week to branch

Move fix-optionals

Mark all unfixed, fix-optionals for upcoming release (beta) as wontfix and mark as ? for next release unless that status is set (nightly) (Query)

Update affecteds

Mark all unfixed, affected bugs for upcoming release (beta) as ? for next release unless that status is set (nightly) (Query)

Leave them marked as affected for upcoming release.

Branch day

  • Update versions, milestones, tracking, and status
  • Add status and tracking for nightly+1 but restrict to release drivers