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Last updated: 2017/06/19

What we do

Mozilla's bugmaster develops policies and processes for managing bugs, their goal is to "leave no bug behind," and help Mozillians make crisp and actionable decisions on bugs, and enable them to follow-through on their decisions.

Triage Scorecard

Triage status of unresolved bugs in Core, Firefox, Firefox Android, Firefox iOS, and Toolkit (excluding general and untriaged) without open needinfos filed since 2016-06-01

History is viewable as a Re:dash dashboard

Stale Bug Reports

See also, the Chromium Project's automatic triage 'sheriffbot'.

Who we are



  • Bugzilla Readable Statuses - enhancement to bugzilla.mozilla.com to help make the status of a bug more understandable
  • Triage Center - tool for finding untriaged bugs, and other bugs that need attention
  • Triage Report - scoreboard for components with most un-triaged bugs


If you're triaging bugs in a component, Triage for Component Leads is the process we follow.


The bugmaster office has no scheduled meetings at this time.


Get in touch with us. Don't hesitate to communicate using:

Useful Links

  • Triage Leads - who is responsible for triaging new bugs in each Firefox component
  • Bugmastering Guide - A guide helping on how to contribute to bug management and triage
  • Whiteboard tags - A list of common whiteboard field values and flags used in Bugzilla

Bugzilla Process and Rules