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The Bugzilla cleanup project gets old components out of bugzilla and into graveyard. To get rid of a component, use the following checklist.

  • Get confirmation from leads that the component will no longer be developed as part of the Mozilla project
  • Find out if the project will continue in another venue
    • GitHub? Will it be a repository in the Mozilla project there, or a new team?
  • Decide how will unresolved bugs be handled?
    • Move to other components
    • Copy to GitHub or other bug tracker
    • Close as incomplete
      • Is there a link to any communication about disposition of component (blog post) or new repository
  • For Firefox-related components, send [Intent To Close Component] email to dev-planning
    • Explain why component is being closed
    • Say what is being done to open bugs in component
    • Timebox discussion
  • Create ticket for moving component to graveyard (under bugzilla.mozilla.org::administration component)
  • Resolve or move open bugs
  • Let #bteam know you're done with cleanup and they can move the component to graveyard
  • See also: BMO documentation on retiring components