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This is a summary of the required configuration to use the Bug Moving feature of Bugzilla. This was done on two instances of Bugzilla 3.0.1 running on single CentOS 5 server (Apache 2.2, Sendmail 8.14.1).

Bugzilla sender instance

Bugzilla configuration of the sender (the one with the "Move to..." button): I named it here BZSENDER

  • BZSENDER - Parameters - Bug Moving
- move-enabled           : ON
- move-to-url            : http://bugzilla-3.0-BZRECEIVER/
- move-to-address        : bugzilla-import@localhost
- moved-from-address     : chris@somewhere.com
- movers                 : chris@somewhere.com  <--- all allowed users?
- moved-default-product  : TestProduct
- moved-default-component: TestComponent

Bugzilla receiver instance

Bugzilla configuration of the receiver (the one that will import moved bugs): I named it here BZRECEIVER

  • BZRECEIVER - Parameters - Bug fields:
- defaultpriority P3
- defaultseverity enhancement
- defaultplatform All
- defaultopsys All
  • BZRECEIVER - Parameters - Bug Moving
- move-enabled ON
- moved-default-product TestProduct
- moved-default-component TestComponent

Email account and server configuration

  • On the server (that hosts the BZRECEIVER), we need a user account (for the email).
# useradd bugzilla-import

Note: this is a mbox type account here (.procmailrc may be different for mailboxdir format).

  • ... and set a .procmailrc for this bugzilla-import user

# Bugzilla Import
:0 H
* ^To.*bugzilla-import@.*
| /var/www/bugzilla_3_0_BZIMPORT/importxml.pl -v
  • Then I add this user into the apache group into /etc/group to let bugzilla-import execute the importxml.pl script.