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Server Name Server Type OS General usage post-scl3 disposition
landfill.bugzilla.org ESX VM (Mozilla-hosted) RHEL 5 test sites, developer shell accounts decommission
bugzilla1.community.scl3.mozilla.com SuperMicro X8 (physical) RHEL 6 database server decommission (remaining DBs not tied to landfill can be run locally on cps)
bugzilla2.community.scl3.mozilla.com SuperMicro X8 (physical) RHEL 6 KVM Host decommission
bugzilla3.community.scl3.mozilla.com SuperMicro X8 (physical) RHEL 6 currently offline / damaged hard drive decommission
updates.bugzilla.org KVM VM (on bugzilla2) RHEL 6 hosts the Bugzilla update check merge into cps
bots.bugzilla.lan KVM VM (on bugzilla2) RHEL 6 hosts the irc bots (bugbot, word) keep/move
infra.bugzilla.lan KVM VM (on bugzilla2) RHEL 6 DNS/DHCP for bugzilla.lan internal network decommission (internal VLAN goes away)
cps.bugzilla.org ESX VM (Mozilla-hosted) CentOS 6 "common public-facing services" bugzilla.org email/mailing lists, deprecated bzr server, CGIs embedded from www.bugzilla.org keep/move
landfill-new.bugzilla.org ESX VM (Mozilla-hosted) RHEL 6 supposed to replace landfill decommission