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bug 330707

Markdown is a text-to-html conversion tool that allows you to write an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid HTML.

Integration of markdown into Bugzilla will provide support for formatting within comments, while still supporting plain-text content.

The bulk of this project involves development in Perl and regular expressions.

Markdown Flavour

Bugzilla requires the following customisations to a Markdown engine:

  • continue to support the existing Bugzilla markup:
    • links to bugs, comments, attachments
    • linkification of URLs
    • linkification rules defined by Bugzilla extensions
  • remove support for raw HTML
  • remove support for inline images
  • add support for the following Github Flavoured Markdown features:
    • multiple underscores in words
    • strikethrough
    • fenced code blocks

Overview of the required changes

  • add a User Preference which controls Markdown generation and rendering
  • when Markdown is enabled, add a checkbox to the "new comment" UI which allows per-comment disabling
  • update the schema for the comments table to support per-comment rendering
  • create a template filter for comments which honours the current user and comment settings, calling a Markdown library if required
  • use the template filter in all places comments are rendered as HTML (web UI and email)
  • update the comment template to add the Markdown checkbox, and ensure the template is used in all relevant locations
  • create a Bugzilla specific Markdown processor rough POC
  • create an "editing help" for users which explains all the supported and unsupported Markdown rules