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6th IRC meeting: Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 at 18:00 GMT

The log of our meeting is available.

  • QA tests are all done and successful and so we can now release 2.22 and 2.20.2... as soon as our release manager has some time to do this. justdave said he would give some help to get them out asap. This also means our support for 2.16 is officially over.
  • Mozilla is planning to hire an additional webtools person, which would include Bugzilla, but also the addons site and the update system and bonsai/tinderbox/etc as well.
  • Top 5 reviewers for the last 6 months are:
  1. LpSolit with 317 reviews
  2. mkanat (104)
  3. wicked (99)
  4. vladd (58)
  5. wurblzap (47)
  • About the roadmap: the stuff for April (removing versioncache) may or may not make it within April, but the stuff that's due in June (removing globals.pl, removing deprecated DB routines and rewriting Flag.pm) is ahead of schedule and will probably land in April or May. There has been progress on some of the later summer stuff as well.
  • gandalf is working on a new UI for Bugzilla 3.0, using AJAX. This is still in progress (and AJAX isn't actually in use AFAIK). Moreover, he posted a link to the roadmap he wrote about the UI rewrite. If you are interested in helping to improve the UI, join us to our next Bugzilla meeting or talk to gandalf in #mozwebtools on IRC.
  • Several people are waiting for a Web Service API, but it requires previous items from the roadmap to be fixed first.
  • We plan to implement "Automatic Update Notification for Bugzilla" (bug 330487) very soon now. Bugzilla will check for new releases once per week, if this parameter is turned on, and will notify administrators when they go to index.cgi based on the option chosen:
    • development snapshot: latest release of the trunk (e.g. 2.23.1);
    • latest stable release: most recent stable release, independently of your installation (e.g. 2.22, even if you are running a 2.18.x version of Bugzilla);
    • latest stable release of the branch: most recent stable release based on the branch your installation is runnning on (e.g. 2.18.5 if you are running 2.18.x with x < 5));
    • do not notify: Bugzilla won't check for new releases.

The patch is already applied to http://landfill.bugzilla.org/notification. You need admin privs to see something though.

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