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8th IRC meeting: Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 at 18:00 GMT

  • No regression reported since we released 2.20.2 and 2.22.
  • There has been 1678 downloads of 2.22 from our server so far, which is the only server we have stats about downloads. As there are 6 mirrors including our server, we estimate the number of downloads to be around 10,000. Knowing that we released 2.22 on April 22, i.e. 2.5 weeks ago, that's not that bad! :)
  • From September 30 2005 to present, there's been 35,160 downloads of 2.20 (that's an estimate based on the 5,860 downloads we had on our server). For the record, we had 30,000 downloads of 2.18.
  • We didn't make any progress about the removal of versioncache due to a lack of time. We did some progress about globals.pl though (only a few functions left to move and we will be able to kill globals.pl, as soon as versioncache is removed, of course).
  • We won't create a separate branch for 3.0, because we estimate that this won't help us going faster. The main problem being having more active reviewers, we decided to allow some active users to review patches. A review from an official reviewer is still required to get the patch approved though, but this will allow us to get some triage being done. And if we estimate that these probationary reviewers are doing good and pertinent reviews, they could then become official reviewers.
  • Testopia is supposed to be code complete this week. It will then be accessible from CVS.
  • The first attempts to rewrite Bugzilla UI using AJAX should be available in the next few days/weeks.