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16th IRC meeting: Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 at 18:00 GMT

  • Some security patches have been reviewed. But several others still need review before we can start QA tests.
  • After some debate, our next release will be called 2.23.3 (there was some discussion to name it 2.99.1 or 2.99.3, which have both been rejected during the meeting).
  • We won't wait for templates to be translated in several languages before releasing Bugzilla 3.0. They can be translated later.
  • Features should either be complete and polished or hidden by default. Polish bugs (especially about the UI) are something which will still be allowed during the freezing period, at least during the soft freeze.
  • The freezing date (initially set to Sept 15) is delayed. We will freeze two weeks after the 2.23.3 release.
  • The XML-RPC interface will only let you create new bugs and users for now. More to come in Bugzilla 3.2. But this is a start.
  • We will stop checkins on branches when all security patches have been reviewed to prepare releases.
  • We still have no news from Oracle, so Bugzilla 3.0 won't support Oracle.
  • We should try to get documentation up-to-date for 3.0 as there are many new features implemented.