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27th IRC meeting: Tuesday, March 20th, 2007 at 19:00 GMT

  • The log of the meeting is available here.
  • Not everybody is happy about the new UI used for show_bug.cgi in Bugzilla 3.0. We will have to think about it again for 3.2. But it's too late for 3.0; we won't change it now.
  • One critical bug has been found (and fixed) in Bugzilla 3.0 RC1 about collectstats.pl (data corruption). That's the single critical bug found in 3.0 RC1 since its release 3 weeks ago. So we are ready to release 3.0 final (no RC2 needed).
  • One blocker left before we can start QA for 3.0 final.
  • Still no news from Mary Colvig (the PR contact at Mozilla).
  • Several Bugzilla projects submitted to Google Summer of Code.
  • The frequency of Bugzilla meetings will now change: we now meet once per month while the trunk is open, then twice per month when we freeze or are close from the freezing date. The reason is that we haven't a lot of items to discuss while the trunk is open and the development is usually slow enough to not require a meeting every 2 weeks.
  • Next meeting will take place on April, 17.