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38th IRC meeting: Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 19:00 GMT

  • The log of the meeting is available here.
  • Removal of hardcoded CSS from templates will not be taken anymore for 3.2, as there is nothing serious there. This removal can go in 4.0 though, as soon as we branched.
  • We had a long discussion about how to implement in a nice and efficient way a mechanism to know which CSS and JS files to load, depending on PROCESS'ed templates, before calling global/headers.html.tmpl. As it seems the only hot spot is bug/edit.html.tmpl, it has been decided to fix this particular case with a simple bug_edit => 1 key/value in the hash of the parent template, and global/header.html.tmpl would know what to load when it gets this parameter.
  • All blockers for 3.0.4 have been fixed. QA can start.
  • Testopia 2.0 has been released!
  • We won't talk about the roadmap for 4.0 till 3.2 RC1 is released.
  • There has been some discussion on whether our next release should be named 3.4 or 4.0. It will mainly depend on what will be implemented, and see if it worths being named 4.0. We will know more when 3.2 RC1 is released.