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39th IRC meeting: Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at 18:00-19:00 GMT

  • The log of the meeting is available here.
  • We had no meeting 2 weeks ago because we had nothing special to discuss (development is pretty slow these weeks; everybody seems busy with other stuff).
  • Due to daylight saving time changes occurring in US already but not yet in Europe, US people already left before European guys joined the meeting, because we forgot this shift was happening these days. Moreover, as we had nothing special to talk about, the "official" meeting has been cancelled. But as most members of the l10n team are present, we converted the meeting to a l10n one.
  • The l10n team has its dedicated Bugzilla installation on landfill to test their l10n packs. This installation is currently running Bugzilla 3.0.3 with the following 6 language packs installed: en, de, fr, ru, be, bg.
  • SnowyOwl, our l10n team leader, reports that around half of the 80 known projects are abandoned, meaning that only a few teams are still actively translating Bugzilla templates these days.
  • Problems about having strings translation not being independent of the layout have been discussed. Even if strings do not change, changing the UI still means the translators to fix their templates too, which is something which should not be required. But good ideas on how to do this are missing.
  • One of the most wanted fixes related to l10n is, besides bug 405946, to have fully localized bugmail. The l10n team really would like to have this fixed for 3.2, but it may be a bit late now that the code is frozen.