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  1. Summary of the last meeting.
  2. State of 5.0.
    • Only one blocker (confidential bug, waiting for review)
    • Getting QA tests running on 5.0 branch will give us an opportunity to get them running on trunk as well, since the two will be essentially the same for a time.
  3. What BMO extensions can be moved upstream
    • glob: i suspect this would be better suited to a list-based discussion than in a meeting
    1. AntiSpam
    2. ComponentWatching - bug 76794 (assigned to dylan)
    3. ContributorEngagement
    4. EditComments - bug 540 (policy not technical decision)
    5. FlagDefaultRequestee
    6. FlagTypeComment
    7. Gravatar
    8. InlineHistory - bug 11368 (assigned to dylan)
    9. MyDashboard
    10. Needinfo
    11. OpenGraph
    12. ProdCompSearch
    13. ProductDashboard
    14. Profanivore
    15. RestrictComments
    16. SecureMail
    17. SiteMapIndex
    18. Splinter
    • glob proposed that the issue is rather one of a lack of extension packaging and discoverability.
    • sgreen will raise the issue on the dev mailing list
    • Some discussion about the support (development and otherwise) of included-but-disabled extensions: there's no difference between them and non-extension core features.
  4. Drop MS-SQL support before it is added?
  5. Allow multiple aliases per bug (bug 1012506)?
    • Unanimous agreement.
    • This is an API-breaking change, but both Bugzilla 5.0 and 6.0 are known "breaking things" updates.
  6. Varia.
    • RedHat are finally upgrading their systems.
    • Both Bugzilla GSoC projects are progressing well; we are mid-term.
    • Documentation status: still in re-licensing waiting for responses from everyone.
    • Discussion around the blockers for cvs decomissioning:
      • Dropping bugzilla 4.0 when we release 5.0 releases Bugzilla sites from relying on CVS.
      • Other Bugzilla assets still use cvs (e.g. website).
    • dkl wrote a docker container for bugzilla: https://github.com/dklawren/docker-bugzilla