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  1. Summary of the last meeting.
    • Looks like Markdown broke more stuff than we thought; perhaps taking "just one more feature" is not such a good plan...
    • We are going to do more specific action items in future meeting minutes
    • mcote still on the hook for the API status doc
  2. How To Do Upgrade Automated Testing using Travis CI
    • how do we duplicate the testing that used to happen with the full landfill dump
    • glob & dkl discussed having a minimal database with specific rows that test data migration points
      • no disagreements here. won't block branching for 5.0, but is a blocker for 5.0 final
    • gerv asked about the possibility of having a script which generated random products/bugs/etc; while it was agreed that it would be useful, it wouldn't help these unit tests
    • current (4.4 test suite) qa scripts are being fixed; dkl is near to running them on travis against trunk
      • test scripts still need to be updated/created for new 5.0 features
  3. Disabling Old Landfill Accounts and databases/instances?
    • the problem we're trying to solve is to limit the potential of leaks (reducing the surface attack area)
    • user's email, realname, and password will be sanitised (eg. user-$userid@example.com); however any stuff created will remain
    • we have a "ludicrous" number of instances on landfill, and the majority appear to not have been used in years
    • Lots of instances have been moved to archive (not deleted), but their databases are still there
    • Is it worth just starting again with a new VM?
      • yes, but we need someone to own it. i (glob) doubt that wicked will be able to put time towards that, given his current level of commitment
    • mcote will post to the dev list; we'll nuke obvious accounts
  4. bzr.mozilla.org Future
    • bug 968636 - move to community hardware
    • justdave indicated that moving bzr onto bugzilla infra should be good, and will own that process
      • that may mean moving the moco vm across and removing ldap config, deploying anew onto an existing vm (such as landfill), or building a new machine
      • can probably re-purpose the old tinderbox system
  5. bugzilla.org email/list Future
    • bugzilla.org's email hosting needs to be moved before the end of the year
    • mailing lists are the blocker
    • fastmail? gmail? self hosted zimbra?
  6. Bugzilla Docs Rewrite
  7. Other Business
    • Next triage party?
    • Up to a community member to schedule one.

Action items:

  • mcote: write API status doc
  • justdave: look into moving bzr
  • someone: handle moving bugzilla.org emails
  • everyone: review a bit of the new docs
  • anyone: schedule a triage party
  • mcote: post to dev list about looking for an admin for landfill-ng