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  1. Previous action items:
    • Docs: Some sections reviewed; many more still need review.
    • (carried over) justdave: look into moving bzr off MoCo infra
    • (carried over) someone: handle moving bugzilla.org emails
    • anyone: schedule a triage party
      • No one has yet, but anyone should feel free to at any point.
    • mcote: post to dev list about looking for an admin for landfill-ng (a new landfill built from scrach)
      • Still unclear if we should drop landfill completely, and instead pitch VMs/AMIs for bugzilla evaluation (although if we did this, it's probably more work to keep those images up to date when compared to keeping a server running). Server is running CentOS 5, which is still supported for another two years. We should probably just remove the installations rather than trying to set up something new at this point.
  2. [mcote] 5.0 branched
    • No new features for 5.0, although the new documentation will be accepted for 5.0 if completed prior to release.
    • release-candidate also blocked on complete checksetup run, including the schema upgrade tests which are currently disabled.
  3. [mcote] Anyone mind if I (eventually) move all Bugzilla "subpages" (e.g. Bugzilla:*) to real subpages (e.g. Bugzilla/*)? Helps navigation and such.
    • [justdave] "Bugzilla:" is a namespace, which allows for limited searching.
    • mcote will investigate further, as namespace searching is useful.
    • If moved, page redirections will be put in place.
  4. [LpSolit] Bug 470237 suggests to use Mouse, but Mouse triggered many problems, see bug 646578. Suggesting WONTFIX. Also, bug 470233 suggests to use Moose. But it's a heavy module, with tons of dependencies and is slow at startup. Suggesting WONTFIX. Now that Bugzilla 5.0 depends on Email::Sender which itself depends on Moo, we should rather move to Moo instead of Moose/Mouse, if any
    • [glob] +1 for Moo <3
    • yes, WONTFIX mouse and moose
    • No plans to rework existing code or develop new code in Moo (we already have an OO baseclass/framework, for better or worse).
  5. [mcote] Slight correction to Target Milestone usage: on open bugs, can we use it to denote blockers only?
    • This has been addressed in the newsgroup; we'll continue to use blocking flags for this and keep the Target Milestone policy previously decided upon.
  6. [glob] removal of the relnote keyword --> replace with a flag
    • Yes. glob will do the work, email the list and update the release wiki.
  7. [glob] decision on yui3 replacement. i propose jquery + jquery-ui + datatables.net. i don't think we need bootstrap unless we start afresh ui-wise
    • No objections, glob will get the ball rolling on this.
    • Least effort direct porting from yui2 to jquery

Action items:

  • (carried over) justdave: look into moving bzr off MoCo infra
  • (carried over) someone: handle moving bugzilla.org emails
  • mcote to investigate page renames further to see if we can keep the namespace.
  • glob to remove relnote keyword and replace with flag.
  • everyone to review their sections of the new docs.