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Attending via Vidyo: mcote, dkl, gerv, f1sh, glob, edmorley

  1. Summary of last meeting and follow-up actions:
    • Bugzilla 5.0 was branched.
    • Wiki subpage/namespace update:
      • This would break namespace restricted searching (you can't search by page/sub page).
      • mcote followed up; wiki people said they will "convert namespaces to sub pages".
      • For now, we will leave as namespaces, and mcote will follow up further with the wiki people. See also bug 1105387.
    • Keywords deactivation --> flag
      • dylan is working on this.
    • yui3 --> jquery
      • jquery now committed to trunk, included by default on every page.
      • Ported but largely not used.
    • moving bzr off moco (carried over)
    • moving bugzilla.org lists (carried over)
    • landfill maintenance
      • mcote posted about removing old installs, zero responses
      • No one owns the process to do this gerv will nuke things from a great height.
  2. [glob] Promote dylan to an official reviewer.
      • Approved.
  3. [glob] glob is the only active approver.
      • dkl promoted, will get new business cards printed up (primarily as a backup to glob).
  4. [mcote] bugzilla 5.0 update
    • only 3 blockers
  5. Other items:
    • [gerv] It appears that dylan may be reviewing the wrong documentation.
    • [gerv] Making the "using bugzilla" more visible (currently it's at the end of the docs).
      • Make four higher-level classifications: About, Using, Installation/Maintenance, Administering, Integrating.
    • do we do this meeting next month?
      • Tentatively have it a week earlier (17th dec).
      • mcote will "adjust social media".
      • Meeting may be cancelled depending on the agenda.