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  • What are the main goals for Bugzilla 5.2/6.0? Only take what people contribute (a.k.a random contributions), or is there some development direction?
    • YUI to jQuery migration bug 1090710
    • Require Perl 5.14 bug 1136137
    • REST API versioning bug 1051056
    • Markdown support (various bugs)
    • and, if time/resources allow, a new show_bug UI bug 1096798 (currently under development for bugzilla.mozilla.org)
  • What is the current status of the Bugzilla 5.0 release?
    • 5 blockers, most assigned with patches
    • Largest blocker is resurrection of the automatic checksetup schema upgrade testing
      • dkl's time is currently consumed with Mozilla work, should have time to work on this before the end of March
      • In parallel with this, there's also work around potentially switching from TravisCI to taskcluster as a CI harness (TravisCI has proven to be problematic with some of our tests)