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  1. Mozilla wants to shut off cvs really really soon. Given we are at 5.0rc2, can we do this nowish?
    • CI testing is still a 5.0 blocker.
    • However, we are close enough to 5.0, which will EOL 4.0, that in the event of a security release we can, via the release notes, just point admins to the posted patches.
    • We will therefore remove ourselves as a blocker to cvs decommissioning.
    • mcote will announce to Bugzilla list and blog (jointly with bzr announcement; see below).
    • Related, no one could think of a good reason why the docs indicate that you should "update to latest point release" before switching VCSes, so gerv will update the docs to remove that recommendation.
  2. Mozilla also wants to shut off bzr pretty soon. justdave has bzr.bugzilla.org nearly set up; what's left?
    • bzr.b.o has been in place for a few days; just need more testing around the mirroring script.
    • Once the scripts have been ratified, we should be good to go.
    • Documentation for existing bzr sites will be posted to a blog, and somewhere in the upgrading docs.
      • bzr switch ...
    • Scheduled for April 15th.
    • mcote to announce, jointly with cvs announcement, when we have verified that bzr.b.o is mirroring correctly.
  3. What do people think about an reST Developer's Guide? How should we go about that?
    • No issues; gerv will create a repo for this and get the ball rolling there.
      • We'll use a separate repo since this isn't tied to any specific version, and we don't want outdated docs around.
    • Migrate getting-starting guide from current location (bugzilla.org) to rst.
  4. Regarding the postgres 5.0 blocker (bug 1138417)...
    • mcote will "put a social media call out" with hashtags to see if someone can fix it.
    • If not, we should totally drop the now EOL pg version that this code breaks with.
    • (Update shortly after meeting: we will back the offending patch out if we can't fix it, since it's for a minor bug, and we will reapply it and EOL postgres 8 for the next major Bugzilla release.)