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Status of post-Orlando release (dkl)

  • Release went out today
  • One fix had to be backed out for problem with the automation
  • No reports of regressions
  • Concerned about regressions from the CSV fix (Dylan)

Status of Community-led Bugzilla install (denis?)

  • Progressing slowly
  • Discussion of whether the Google Cloud platform would do
  • Concern about putting our security bugs on infra we don't control
  • Check back next month to see how denis is getting on
  • Action: start a thread on the mailing list about migration suggestions

Items from Bugzilla:Ideas and future roadmap work (dylan)

  • Dylan went through his wiki page
  • Discussion of localization and its relationship with TT and slowness
  • Dylan mentioned Text:Xslate which supports much TT syntax and is much faster
  • Discussion of theming, the ability for each user to specify their own theme, and how valuable that is compared to dev cost
  • BMO is finding things easier with only having to support Sandstone

Denis and Matt said that the UI was their biggest concern.

What approval should mean and the backward relationship with reviews (dylan)

Presentation: Introducing BzDeck (kohei)

Project leadership status (justdave)

  • Gerv and Dylan promoted to APLs