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Gerv was appointed as note-taker, and Dylan is IRC conduit.

  • Dylan has been working on making Bugzilla easier to install. We are now fairly close.
  • Bugzilla is now using the standard Perl toolchain to specify dependencies and deal with errors
  • So it can be packaged very similarly to a normal CPAN module (not identical yet)

Problem: checksetup on the master branch doesn't produce the output it used to; this is a regression, and Dylan has been working on restoring that using standard methods

3 ways of solving this:

  1. Depend on an additional module called CPAN::Meta::Check. It's a fairly standard way of doing this but it's not distributed with the core. However, checksetup has to run if it's not present, so we would have to error out in this case.
  2. Better UX than 1: ship that module with Bugzilla, possibly in a way that only checksetup sees it.
  3. The really bad way: look at the dependencies in meta.yaml and try loading them in an eval. If this dies, output an error.

Problem: Encode.pm now encodes everything.

Plan to fix:

  • For release branches, blacklist the bad version(s) of the module
  • On master branch, switch to another module (MIME::EncWords)

IE11 fails to decode Content-Disposition filenames correctly, so we should perhaps write a patch to ASCIIfy filenames for IE11 only.

Translation of feature descriptions: Dylan proposed we stop translating these, as they are now part of the CPAN distribution and are not localisable.

Dylan is working on porting the bug-modal interface. It requires Sandstone to not look sucky.

F1sh is working on Sandstone. He's in a code freeze next week so should have lots of free time to get that working.

cjoy asked about Sightings (bug 55970); Gerv said that as far as he knows, it's currently abandoned, and no-one is working on it. No-one else in the meeting disagreed.

Dylan noted Bugzilla 6.0 will have faster REST because type coercions are faster (2x). glob discovered that these were a bottleneck, and dkl did a patch to fix it when he rewrote the REST interface for versioning it.

XML-RPC and JSON-RPC are deprecated but there is as yet no firm plan for when they will be removed.